Admissions Procedure

At Traill we operate an all year round admissions policy, which means we welcome admissions at any time.  We are happy to meet with prospective parents and give them advice and guidance on the factors to consider when choosing to enter the international education system.


We strongly recommend that parents visit the school for a tour prior to making an application. This will allow you to see the school facilities as well as ask any questions that you may have about timetables, past examination successes, field trips etc.


If after the tour, you wish to enroll your child at the school, then we ask you to complete an application form.  This can be done at school or you can take the form home with you.


Once completed you can submit your application:

  • on the day of your initial visit;

  • to the Admissions Officer on the day of the assessment.


In order to complete the application we will require several additional documents, before your child can be assessed:

  • 2 passport size photographs of your child (taken within the last 6 months);

  • a photocopy of your childs’ birth certificate or passport;

  • a photocopy of your (parents’) passports and visas;

  • copies of your child’s 2 most recent school reports;

  • a copy of any educational psychologists’ or medical reports that will help us to understand how best we can meet your childs’ particular learning needs;

  • a photocopy of your House Registration (Thai nationals only).


Acceptance is subject to the following:

  • an interview with a senior member of the secondary or primary school staff;

  • entrance Assessment (English written and oral);

  • there is a non-refundable fee of 3,500THB payable for the assessment; 

  • for Primary places, children undertake a 1 day trial with in class assessment;

  • assessment for Secondary places involves written tests in English, Maths and Science;

  • availability of places.


Once the entrance assessment has taken place, we aim to send you written confirmation that we can offer your child a place at Traill International School within 48 hours.  An application fee of 30,000THB will be incurred after the acceptance of an offer letter.

If you wish to accept the offer of a place at the school, we ask that you do so within 2 weeks of receiving the formal offer letter.  Your childs’ place will only be guaranteed if you have paid the non-refundable Enrolment Fee within 2 weeks of being offered a place.  If you do not pay within this time, your childs’ place may be offered to another student.


If you have any questions regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Officer - Mrs. Arlene Santos Mahithiphark - who will be happy to discuss matters with you.

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