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English as a Second Language

Consistent Outstanding Successes

Here are just a few of our most recent successes.  These students started with us as ESL students, some of whom had little or no English language skills.  They worked together with their ESL teachers to improve their English language skills to enable them to join mainstream education.  Incredible results followed and they are now on the path to being successful adults.  

Phu Sakulwontana is one of our most celebrated recent success stories, taking part in our unique accelerated learning program.  He joined us with limited English language but by Year 9 he had taken his IGCSE's with A* results.  Within a year he had taken 3 A levels, this was when he was just 14 years of age. At 15 he was offered a place at both MIT, USA and University College, London reading computer science.  He chose University College London where he is now studying.

Praoparn Asanitthone

AS: A* (x4) She was also awarded Top in Thailand and Best in Thailand at the Cambridge International Awards.  She is currently studying medicine at London University.

Kota Takei                                              Studying at Nagoya University, Japan

Koki Ogawa                                            A level: A (x2), B (x1)                          Studying medicine at University of East  London, UK

Chinatsu Nakajima 

AS: B (x2), C (x1)

Studying at Tsukuba University, Japan

Taisei Tatsumi 

Studying at Tilburg University, Holland

Mayuri Shibasaki

A level: B (x2), C (x1) 

Studying at Vrije University, Belgium

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programme

The purpose of our ESL program is to prepare students for life in the mainstream; equipping them with the skills they need to study securely in their lessons. No student graduates from the ESL program until we believe that they are ready and there is no set time limit. Following an Entry Placement Test, students either go directly to mainstream or are placed into ESL classes. Our ESL program takes students from beginner level right up to those who just need to polish their skills before joining mainstream. If your child joins our ESL program, they will be taught in a small group where their lessons can be tailored to their personal developmental needs. Carefully considered differentiation strategies within each classroom ensure that all students, regardless of ability, are appropriately engaged and challenged in their work. Whilst in the ESL program, students receive tuition across a range of subjects. Our ESL department is staffed by well qualified and experienced teachers, including an ESL trained Mathematics and Science specialist. The ESL department at Traill produces students who rank among the highest achievers at IGCSE, AS and A level in the school.



Our two primary ESL classes follow the same home room teaching model used in the mainstream. Students are taught English, Humanities, and Science by our primary ESL specialists. The remainder of their time will be spent in mainstream, learning with their peers. Each primary class is supported by a teaching assistant.


Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)

Key Stage three has three streamed classes through which the students need to graduate to finally exit to mainstream.


Classes 1 and 2

Our two immersion classes cater for beginners up to lower intermediate students.  Students joining  one of these classes  will attend mainstream Art, P.E. and Games lessons. The remainder of their time will be spent in the ESL classroom, where they will be taught English, Mathematics and Science by our specialist teachers. Information Communication Technology, Geography, History, and General Studies are taught informally and are used as a medium for language acquisition. Once a student has reached the required level, they are moved into the Key Stage Three ESL class.


ESL Class 3

This class works as a partial immersion class where students attend mainstream   Drama, Music, Mathematics, Information Communication Technology, Art, P.E and Games lessons.  The remainder of their time is spent in the ESL classroom, where will be taught English, History, Geography and General Studies and ESL Science by our specialist teachers.

Key Stage 4 (years 10 & 11)

Students at Key Stage Four are streamed by ability into two classes. They attend mainstream P.E. and spend the remainder of their time learning English, Mathematics, and Science, taught by our ESL specialist teachers. Information Communication Technology, Geography, History, and General Studies are also taught but with a focus on language acquisition.


Monitoring and Support

Throughout the transition period and beyond, students are closely monitored and are encouraged to seek advice and assistance from their former ESL teachers, and are interviewed throughout transition to assess their progress and to identify any challenges they face. They are given advice and strategies to help them in their new learning environment, and all useful information is fed back to their mainstream teachers.


Graduation and Transition

Graduation to mainstream is a carefully managed process based on continual ongoing assessment of the 4 English skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking.   During this process we take a detailed, holistic view of each student. Transition is very carefully managed to ensure that your child’s graduation to mainstream proceeds smoothly and in accordance with their needs.  Once they have left ESL they will have a solid foundation upon which to continue they mainstream studies.

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