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Gifted and Talented

Traill International School aims to provide quality educational experiences in order to meet the individual needs of all our pupils. Therefore, it is important that the needs of Gifted and Talented pupils should be recognised and strategies developed for their identification and support.  We believe that it is critical to recognise the existence of all-round exceptional ability but we also acknowledge the greater number of students who are gifted or talented in specific areas.


We aim to provide a flexible plan, within a general framework, which sets out to provide appropriate teaching and learning opportunities for all pupils. Our pupils will have the opportunity to be involved in enrichment activities and receive support in order to achieve their full potential and raise their aspirations and attainment by developing their:

  • ability to learn;

  • range of knowledge;

  • core skills such as problem-solving;

  • creativity;

  • intellectual curiosity;

  • specific talents.


A variety of processes will enable individual Gifted and Talented pupils to be identified. The curriculum will take into account the needs of Gifted and Talented pupils through differentiation, extension, enrichment and acceleration, making use of all available expertise. The pastoral needs of our Gifted and Talented pupils will be recognised and supported by the school.


Differentiation will be built into our curriculum planning through:

  • differentiation by outcome;

  • differentiation by task;

  • differentiation by pace;

  • differentiation by resources/materials/equipment;

  • invitation to be involved in a Gifted and Talented ECA.


There will be a commitment to developing extension and enrichment materials which:

  • allow individual responses;

  • encourage creativity and imagination;

  • satisfy developmental stage rather than chronological age;

  • stress process rather than content.


Differentiated homework will be made available when appropriate and other activities to complement our curriculum provision may include:

  • opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills;

  • where appropriate some pupils may be accelerated through a learning programme;

  • development of a resource base of extension and enrichment activities.


Our mathematics assessment in Key Stage 3 recognises students reaching the standard of 'Gifted and Talented' and are subsequently placed on a 'Math’s Mentorship Program' provided by The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT).  They receive monthly sets of problems to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills.   These students are also entered into the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Junior challenge (Years 7 & 8) which takes place in April each year.


Year 10 pupils are placed on a similar Intermediate program which also has a UKMT Intermediate competition (Years 9, 10 & 11) which takes place in February each year.


Key Stage 5 pupils have no mentoring scheme because of their increased workload but are entered in the Senior UKMT competition (Years 12 & 13) which takes place in November each year.

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