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Middle Years Curriculum

In 2021, Traill International School launched its hugely successful Middle Years Curriculum for students in Years 5 to 7.

We wanted to give our students an early advantage in their learning. We also recognized through decades of valuable experience, that students sometimes found the transition from Primary to Secondary to be a little unsettling and we wanted a way to smooth that transition. When we put those two requirements together, they became our Middle Years Curriculum. Designed to consolidate their prior learning in Primary, our Middle Years Curriculum delivers a coordinated, coherent and logically structured curriculum which provides them with access to specialist learning 2 years ahead of the normal Secondary classes. We are delighted to say that this scheme has exceeded our expectations and students are prepared fully for the progression to the IGCSE programme which begins in Year 10.

In the 3 years it has been in place we have seen a further rise in attainment in progress across years 5 and 6. Our students have always consistently made progress above expected levels for their age groups when compared with international and UK averages. This progress is now significantly higher and is testament to the systems and teaching we have in place.


Our Year 5 and 6 students have access to specialist equipment not usually available in Primary school and the structure of the curriculum provides high levels of challenge for the most able, whilst offering focused and consolidated support for students who find certain subjects challenging. The Middle Years Curriculum provides consistency, connectivity and progression in terms of curriculum content covered, modes of assessment and effectiveness and methodology of teaching and learning. It is led by highly experienced and well qualified subject Coordinators in English, Mathematics and Science. These Coordinators work very closely with Secondary Leaders to ensure curriculum connectivity and a consistent approach to standards and assessment. In addition to this, the coordinators work with teachers in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to develop levels of progress moving towards the MYCP. This helps ensure that the progression in learning and standards continues all-through the school.


The transition from Primary is important to ensure that students feel relaxed as they embrace the next stage of their learning, so not all routines are changed. They continue to have additional support from a Teaching Assistant in class and share their breaks and lunchtimes with Primary students. The Middle Years Curriculum is based in A Block with students allocated a designated tutor room. Students only move to other classrooms for facility specific lessons such as Science and ICT.

Our ESL (English as a Second Language) Programme for students in Years 5 and 6 is outstanding and teachers and students work extremely hard together to ensure that students exit ESL as soon as possible and join full mainstream education at their earliest opportunity. One of the most outstanding features of our ESL programme is the support that students still receive from the ESL teachers when they graduate into mainstream education. the personalized and specialist care we provide to students in order to prepare them for the transition to mainstream education and the support they continue to receive. 


Some quotes from students in the Middle Years Curriculum

“we do more independent work and everyone is friendly.” (Year 5)

“the work can be quite challenging but we always receive the support we need.” (Year 5)

“I like the teachers and we learn cool stuff.” (Year 5)

"Being in Year 5 has helped me become more mature.” (Year 5)

“Being here makes me feel closer to being secondary." (Year 6)

“We get to learn new languages in MFL." (Year 6)

"My personal favourite thing from year 6 is that how there is more lessons and how you could get close to more teachers. What I really like is how all those things make me feel closer to
being secondary.
" (Year 6)

“I like the teachers in Middle Years. I like moving around. It helps me be more organised.” (Year 5)

“I like the Middle Years because we do more independent work and everyone is friendly.” (Year 5)

“I like the Middle Years because the work can be quite challenging but we are always
supported if needed.”
(Year 5)

“I like the Middle Years because we are able to meet more teachers.” (Year 5)

“The thing I like about the Middle Years is everyone is friendly and kind. I also like learning
every subject.”
(Year 5)

“What I enjoy about Traill International School is the kind students and teachers. We all support
one another.”
(Year 5)

"In Middle Years, we get to be more independent as we go to different classrooms for lessons."
(Year 5)

"We need to be more responsible with our belongings and make sure we have the correct
equipment each day.
(Year 5)

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