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Extra Curricular Activities

Traill International School offers  varied range of Extracurricular Activities (ECAs), which run every day between 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Allowing your child to get involved in ECAs at school is a wise choice, and it can be important in helping them to develop many life and people skills, and offer opportunities to get involved in a diverse range of interests. Learning to take on commitments is important, and these activities can teach your child this important lesson. ECAs allow your child to make a contribution in some way. It shows that they are getting away from just thinking about themselves and contributing to something else. This is important in their growth as a person. Often, being involved in extracurricular activities also helps to raise students’ self-esteem.

Yet another benefit of allowing your child to get involved in extracurricular activities is that it looks great on college applications. Most colleges not only look at grades, but they take a look at extracurricular activities that students are involved in while at school.

Many ECAs are provided free of charge, but where an outside provider is involved there are costs passed on to parents. Also there may be minimal charges to cover the costs of expendables.

How to book

ECAs can be booked through online submission forms which will go live on the first week of each term. Notifications are made via email and SMS well in advance, along with available options for each year group. For Primary school, there will be two forms for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and this form is available only for parents through Plus Portal. For secondary school, a separate form will be made available for students and parents. However, we would like to see students filling this form during form tutor time. Please note that these forms are mobile friendly.

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