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School Services

School Life -  Transportation

At Traill the care and safety of your child/children is our primary concern. Therefore, every school bus has a GPS vehicle tracking system installed. This system allows real-time tracking of the location, speed and direction of the bus. It also records and allows real-time viewing, via an on-board camera, of any journey made. But that’s not all, if your child is a passenger on one of our buses you are provided with a secure link that enables you to access this information using your phone, PC or tablet.


Not only does this give you peace of mind, but it's also a great help when managing family time as:

  • specifications of vehicles, together with photographs, are recorded;

  • all buses are air-conditioned and equipped with seat belts which are maintained and checked by the school head of transport;

  • all buses are equipped with fire extinguishers;

  • all buses are equipped with GPS Tracking which is monitored by the school head of transport;

  • all monitors carry a telephone and can be contacted by parents;

  • all drivers are qualified and in addition they receive additional driving training provided by the school;

  • all bus monitors are trained at school;

  • selected staff are First Aid trained.


All buses carry a First Aid Kit, kept up-to-date by the school nurses

School Security - Road Safety

Our stringent policies regarding the health and safety of our pupils extend to:

  • several sleeping policemen placed on the approach to the school to slow down traffic;

  • zebra crossing used by children to cross the road;

  • traffic cones and barriers in place to indicate ‘safe’ crossing place, and to stop inappropriate parking by parents/visitors to the school;

  • a footpath area that is protected from the road by clearly marked red and white barriers;

  • children being taught how to use the ‘footpath’ and not to walk down the middle of the road;

  • school staff (teachers, teacher's assistants and extra curricular activities (ECA) staff) accompanying all children whenever they cross the roads, when not accompanied by their parents/guardians or drivers;

  • security guards assisting students to cross the road safely;

  • ECA staff collecting children from the main school site to take them across the road to attend ECAs on the  other side.  School staff (from KG and Year 1) accompany all children not collected by their parents at the end of the school day to the main site to their ECAs or to the library;

  • at the end of ECAs all students not collected by their parents are accompanied across the road by the member of staff running the ECA;

  • children being educated by school staff how to behave when crossing the road;

  • mass crossings, i.e. when a whole primary class has to cross the road, one adult is at the front of the line and one at the back, with the security guards controlling all traffic;

  • early years crossings, i.e. when Kindergarten cross the road all Teacher's Assistants help the teachers and spread out evenly along the line;

  • the very youngest children being held by hand wherever possible;

  • children that are taught to walk quietly so they can hear all instructions;

  • clear instructions given to the children to explain when it is safe to cross.

School Food Plan & Nutrition Policy

We believe that a healthy school is one in which children can thrive not only physically and academically, but also spiritually and emotionally.


We promote a whole-school approach to the well-being of our children, which involves:

  • understanding the importance of a balanced diet;

  • understanding the differences between healthy and unhealthy food;

  • understanding the importance of how much food one should eat and when;

  • understanding the need for food when training for sports or high energy activities;

  • limiting the intake of salt and sugar, especially food that has these two hidden or named as alternatives, e.g. high fructose corn syrup;

  • understanding food ingredients and how they affect the body.


Traill provides the basis for this approach and actively encourages pupils and parents to do the same.

Medical and Health Services

School insurance Policies

The school provides comprehensive accident insurance. Additional insurance is provided for school visits and residentials as required. If you would like further details, please contact the office.


School nurses & school medical provision

The school provides a medical centre during school operational hours staffed by two registered nurses.  


Student medical/health forms

All parents must complete the medical/health forms on enrolment and ensure they are kept up to date by informing the office of any changes.


Notification of any change of any contact details

You can update your personal details, together with your child/childrens details via our online Parent Portal, Alma.   However, we also ask you to inform the School Office of any changes of the following at the earliest opportunity.  Details include:

  • phone;  

  • email;

  • residential address;

  • emergency contacts;  

  • medical details (to include any allergies/medications etc.).

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