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Reports and Accreditations

Our ISQM EDT Accreditation Report 2024 at a glance:

  1. Teaching and Learning: The quality of teaching and learning is good across the school. Teachers effectively use visual aids and practical resources to enhance children's learning. Specialist teachers, starting from Year 5, leverage their subject knowledge to help pupils grasp concepts and correct misconceptions, ensuring good progress. High expectations, coupled with support and monitoring from leaders, positively impact the quality of teaching and learning throughout the school.

  2. Pupil’s Personal Development: Pupils' personal development is outstanding. Their behavior and attitudes contribute to a harmonious learning community. They are tolerant and respectful towards those with different backgrounds and enjoy learning together. In lessons, pupils are eager to learn, respectful to their teachers, and supportive of their classmates. They are all motivated to make the most of their opportunities.

  3. Safeguarding and Wellbeing: The care and support for pupils are good, with a strong safeguarding culture. Effective systems are in place to ensure a safe and healthy school environment, supported by strong teamwork. School leaders understand safeguarding requirements and have made significant progress in updating child protection policies and procedures. The school implements suitable measures to safeguard pupils' well-being, overseen by a designated governing body member and with appropriate training for all board members.

  4. Curriculum: The curriculum is strong across all phases of the school, enabling pupils to make good, and often outstanding, progress. The middle years' program prepares students well for high school, promoting high standards. The school offers a wide range of subjects up to examination and diploma levels, with the diploma course providing a valuable alternative pathway in the sixth form. Careers education and PSHE programs are high quality and responsive to pupils' needs.

  5. School Resources: The school boasts good quality and quantity of accommodation and resources. It has experienced, well-qualified staff who work collaboratively to implement the curriculum consistently. Small class sizes allow teachers to know their pupils well and provide individual attention. A team of nine specialist teachers ensures exceptional support for pupils who arrive with limited English proficiency. The school has plentiful classrooms, specialist areas, and a well-stocked library, all contributing to a positive learning environment.

  6. Exam Results: Pupils consistently attain good standards in mathematics across all ages and abilities. In the early years, children make very good progress from their starting points, with more children achieving age-related expectations than the England average. This success continues in the primary department, where pupils develop innovative problem-solving skills and demonstrate a strong understanding of mathematical concepts. In the secondary department, pupils build on these skills, applying their knowledge to real-life problems and excelling in international examinations. The school's consistently high results in IGCSE and A-level examinations, often exceeding international averages, are a testament to the effectiveness of the mathematics curriculum and the dedication of both teachers and students.

  7. Sports: Pupils at Traill International School excel in a wide range of sports, frequently winning competitions against local teams. Some pupils have even reached the impressive level of representing their national teams. The school provides a good range of sports facilities, including a large gymnasium, a football pitch, and a well-maintained swimming pool, which are all well-used by the students. This commitment to sports not only promotes physical fitness but also contributes to the overall personal development of the pupils, fostering teamwork, discipline, and a strong sense of school spirit.

  8. Parent Partnership: The school's partnership with parents is good, with new senior leaders establishing strong relationships with parents who are confident in the school's management and leadership. Parents feel heard and valued as partners in their children's education. The school maintains effective communication through email, its website, and regular access to computer-based applications. Parents of children in the early years and primary department have especially strong links with teachers and feel well-informed about their children's progress. The availability of staff who speak Thai, Chinese, and Japanese is greatly appreciated by parents, further strengthening the school's commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all families.

British School Overseas

We were one of the first schools in Thailand to be accredited by the British Government through their British Schools Overseas scheme.   This accreditation is only awarded to schools who have met their rigorous teaching standards. 

​Centre for University of Cambridge

International Examinations

Member of the European Council

of International School

Thai Ministry of Education and

accredited through ONESQA

(Sor mor Sor) 

Member of the International Schools

Association of Thailand (ISAT)

OPEC - The Office of the Private

Education Commision

(Sor Chor)

Member of the Federation of British

International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA)

Member of Thailand International Schools

Activities Conference (TISAC) 

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