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School Sports

Traill School was founded on the principle that all students regardless of ability should be offered the opportunity to participate in sport, whether it be for fun, fitness improvement or with a view to progressing to a professional sporting career.


Traill's PE & Sporting Faculty is continually working to ensure all students take part in a wide variety of sporting activities during curriculum time together with a broad range of sporting opportunities during ECAs, Coaching Programmes and Competitive Sporting Fixtures. Take a look at our Facebook page below, which shows our continuing success in basketball, football and many other sports.



Curriculum P.E / Accredited PE Courses

Curriculum PE at Traill spans all of the Key Stages.  From Kindergarten through to Year 8, students have one lesson of PE and one lesson of swimming each week.  Students in Year 9 & 10 have a lesson of both indoor and outdoor PE each week.  Years 10 through to 13 have one lesson of PE each week, where they alternate between indoor and outdoor sports.  The aim of curriculum PE at Traill is to ensure all students are developing their personal fitness, as well as learning new skill sets through a variety of different activities.  In Year 10, students can also opt to take iGCSE PE (accredited PE Course), whereby they combine the theoretical and practical of sporting activities in preparation for their exam in Year 11. In the sixth form, students are able to take AS level PE, which focuses on Applied Anatomy & Physiology, Acquiring, Developing & Performing Movement Skills and Contemporary Studies in Physical Education & Sport.

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs)

The Extra-Curricular Activities run every day from 14.30 to 15.30.  The ECAs are designed to give students from kindergarten through to the Sixth Form a variety of different activities they can do after school.  ECAs are a fantastic way for the students to make friends, to broaden their interests in different activities, to help with goal setting and to make a positive contribution to the wider Traill community.

Currently, we are offering softball, fitness training, basketball, football, swimming, synchronised swimming, volleyball and yoga - however as PE & Sport continues to develop and grow at Traill, we are looking to introduce a number of new activities including cricket, touch rugby, gymnastics and water polo.


Click here to see the ECA sports calendar on Google Drive


Developmental Sports Programme

The Developmental Sports Programme looks at building our students outside of  the curriculum and ECA time in a number of specialist sports.  The DSP focuses on teaching students the skill sets required for Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Softball and Athletics.  Students from U11 through to U18 take part in the various sports, with the aim of improving their skills, fitness and tactical decision making so that the students can compete in matches and competitions against other International Schools in Bangkok and across Thailand / ASEAN.

Elite Sports Programme

The Elite Sports Programme at Traill focuses primarily on Basketball and Football, with the aim of putting our students in the best position possible to apply sports scholarships at universities or potentially a professional sports contract.  The programme sees our specialist coaches work with Senior Students to develop a high level of skill sets, physical fitness and tactical knowledge.  For Basketball, the students undertake training several times a week, including team training, as well as individual gym sessions. The elite Basketball Team play against top ranked school and university teams across Thailand and ASEAN. In Football, the team also trains a number of times a week and play regularly in the Thai Amateur League (fourth tier of Football in Thailand), as well as competing in the Channel 7 National 7 a-side Tournament.  Traill also host an annual football tournament in which we invite top international teams, Bangkok United and Air Force Football Club to compete our elite Traill players.  

Competitive Sports

The Traill Dragons (the competitive sports teams at TIS) compete locally, nationally and internationally in a number of different matches, competitions and tournaments.  Locally, we compete in the Bangkok International Schools Athletic Conference (BISAC) in Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Softball, Tee-Ball, Swimming and Cross Country from U11 through to Varsity level.  We are also members of the Thailand International Schools Athletics Conference (TISAC), where we compete in Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Swimming, Athletics, Futsal and Badminton from U11 through to Senior students.  Both the BISAC and TISAC Conferences give Traill students the opportunity to compete in both league competitions, as well as invitational tournaments.

Alongside BISAC and TISAC, TIS are a member of Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA), where students compete at U11 / U13 / U15 age groups in Basketball, Football, Athletics and Swimming either at the Hub Games in Thanyapura, Phuket, Thailand or at invitational events across Asia.  We also visit a number of different invitational sports tournaments each year, including the Prem Fall Classic Football Tournament in Chiang Mai, the Asia Pacific Youth Basketball Club in Singapore and the St. Stephens Khao Yai Basketball Tournament.

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