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Our Proud History

Let’s delve into the proud history of Traill International School, a remarkable institution that has left an indelible mark in Thailand’s educational history for nearly 60 years.

Traill International School: Our Proud History

In 1966, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Traill founded what was initially known as The Preparatory School. This institution marked a significant milestone as it was the first British Secondary School in Thailand, with an initial student enrollment of just 82. Mr. Traill, a former track and field athletics coach for Great Britain at two Olympic and Commonwealth Games, brought his expertise to the educational landscape. His vision was clear: to achieve excellence by nurturing the “whole child.”

The Traill’s firmly believed that a holistic approach was essential for student success. They implemented strategies to foster all-round development, encompassing athletic, academic, and moral attributes. Their philosophy centred on creating a supportive environment where students could participate fully in the school curriculum and extracurricular activities. By encouraging exploration and providing ample opportunities, they aimed to boost personal confidence and empower students to reach their full potential.

Academic and sporting excellence followed suit. Traill International School pioneered the introduction of British O Levels and A Levels in Thailand, and later became the computer examination centre for London University. The Traill family, who played a pivotal role in shaping nearly 6 decades of academic excellence, continues to be actively involved as Governors and Directors.

Throughout the years, Traill International School has expanded and flourished. New, thoughtfully designed buildings and state-of-the-art facilities have enhanced the learning environment. While staying true to the founding ideals of Mr. and Mrs. Traill, the school remains committed to continuous improvement. It adapts its curriculum and facilities to align with 21st-century standards and values.

Despite the passage of time, Traill International School maintains its hallmark characteristics: a caring, happy, and secure environment. It remains an ideal place for student development, regardless of the era. For almost 60 years, Traill has continued to demonstrate that happy and confident students not only excel academically but also grow into well-rounded individuals—achieving gold standard qualifications that open doors to the world’s best universities.

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