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Our Proud History

A School born from Excellence

Traill International School was founded in 1966 by Mr and Mrs Anthony Traill, although in the beginning it was called The Preparatory School.  It was the first British Secondary School in Thailand, with an initial student roll of only 82.  With a background as a track & field athletics coach for Great Britain in two Olympic and Commonwealth Games, Mr Traill was ideally qualified to understand what it took to achieve excellence. 


Mr and Mrs Traill wholeheartedly believed that in order to produce successful students, you had to educate the “whole child”.  They put in place strategies to ensure the all-round development of students, which included athletic, academic and moral attributes.  Their philosophy was that a smaller school would give students a real opportunity to take part in all areas of the school curriculum including extracurricular activities.  Having the freedom to try everything would give the students more personal confidence and encourage them to strive to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. They also felt that it was equally important to ensure that students studied in a comfortable and safe environment and they worked tirelessly to create a warm, homely atmosphere.

Academic and sporting excellence quickly followed, and the school pioneered the introduction of British O Levels and A Levels in Thailand.  Following upon that success, the school became the computer examination centre for London University. 

Having been the driving force behind over 50 years of academic excellence, the Traill family is still actively involved in the school as Governors and Directors.  Over the years, the school has grown and flourished with new well-thought-out building designs and state of the art facilities. Whilst the school stays true to the founding ideals of Mr and Mrs Traill, it is constantly reviewing and improving the curriculum and facilities in accordance with 21st century standards and values.  Despite the passing of over five decades, the school retains its caring, happy and secure environment, making it ideal for the development of students from any era.

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