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Sixth Form


KEY STAGE 5 (Years 12 & 13)

Sixth Form Curriculum

Traill International School follows the Cambridge International Board A levels for all subjects taken. These are challenging exams that build upon IGCSE learning.  The subjects chosen are designed to ensure are competitive both internationally and locally for entrance to university.  These are world renowned exams that will facilitate entry to a broad range of universities.  The skills learnt at A level are both a preparation for university and for a range of vocations.  The A level is an established, rigorous exam system that complements the work undertaken in IGCSE and key stage 3.  


International Recognition
International A Level and AS Level have widespread international recognition as educational qualifications. This recognition is because:

  • international A and AS Level qualifications are recognised by universities as equivalent in value to UK A and AS Levels, in accordance with the Lisbon convention;

  • good grades at A and AS Level can result in one full year of advanced standing or credit at universities in the USA and Canada;

  • good A and AS Level grades are vital for admission to all the world’s major English-speaking universities and many non-English-speaking universities;

  • A and AS Level are rigorous programmes that encourage high academic standards.


Please visit the Cambridge International Examinations website at for more information.

Entrance requirements and routes

Students entering the Sixth Form must have at least 5 IGCSE subjects with A* to C grades.  A* to C grade is the necessary minimum grade to continue a subject at first AS then A2 level.  All students take their chosen 4 subjects at the end of Year 12. This AS is then added to the A2 level taken at the end of Year 13 to give the students full A levels graded from A* to E.  AS levels are only graded A to E. Students may choose to only specialize in 3 subjects in Year 13.  Option blocks are created annually based on subject demand ensuring students are prepared for university entrance in a diverse range of subjects.  It is essential for students seeking to study at top universities internationally that they complete full A levels in order that they are globally competitive and able to cope with the challenge of these universities.

The requirement of 5 IGCSE passes (A* to C) as an entry requirement will not apply to students who come from a different educational background where they have not studied this course. Such applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis: the only important consideration will be whether the student will be able to succeed in the A-Level examinations.



A Levels are recognised as a gold standard internationally and high achievement will ensure future academic success in a broad range of settings.  All three science subjects are offered to support those who wish to follow scientific research based careers. Mathematics is offered both with Statistics and Mechanics, which complements Physics.  Students are able to study English Language and Literature dependant upon demand as well as History and Geography. Both Business Studies and Economics are popular options as well as Media Studies, Art & Design and Computer Science. We have also added two language subjects, French and Japanese. These subjects combined together in appropriate combinations provide for an integrated learning package that develops outstanding skills and knowledge for our students. All classes are taught with low student to staff ratios to ensure maximum success.


Sixth Form Life

The purpose built Sixth Form centre provides students with an opportunity to study and socialise when they are not in the classroom.  The Head Boy and Head Girl supported by prefects ensure that the Sixth Form play a key part in whole school life, developing leadership and community awareness skills.  Our prefects and others seek to be role models who are a key part of Traill.  Fund raising and other charitable events encourage our Sixth Form students to develop as global citizens.  The highlight of the year is the Graduation ceremony where the personal success of all our leaving students is formally recognized.  Sixth Form students take a leading role in sporting activities representing the school and their houses and we ensure Physical Education remains an important part of their curriculum.



Most classes are taught in the dedicated Sixth Form centre.  Sciences have full use of the laboratories for experiments that form a key part in the learning process.  There is a purpose built common room which allows students the space to study in a more relaxed environment and discuss issues affecting the Sixth Form. Students have full access to sporting facilities during ECAs as well as  computer laboratory and library access. Our small purpose built Sixth Form classrooms have either a built-in data projector or a fixed flat-screen TV for multimedia teaching.  WiFi access is throughout the school and Sixth Form students are encouraged to bring their own tablets and laptops to support their studies.


Additional Support

In addition to the AS or A level curriculum offered, some students may be supported for additional IGCSE as well as compulsory PE and non-examination PSHE lessons.  These are designed to encourage reflection and develop essential independent thinking skills to prepare students for university as well as a focus on life skills to prepare our students not only for the competitive job marketplace but also adult life. Areas covered are: Study Skills; Budgeting; Home Economics; Relationships; Social Media; and Careers. The Sixth Form emphasises a holistic approach which is made possible due to the small size of the group. This engenders a supportive pastoral environment lead by a Head of Sixth form and pastoral team.

University Preparation and Counselling

The diverse ranges of university considered by our students are supported through visits from universities and specific support from the Sixth Form  team.  Students are given assistance with personal essays and the application process and all students are personally supported by the Head of Sixth Form and tutors.  In addition, extra support is offered for IELTs and other supplementary examinations necessary for university entrance.  The school also ensures transcripts and references are completed to help students to attend the university or colleges of their choice. Close links exist with other schools that allow students to share experiences and meet with other students as they take the next step to university.

Most importantly Traill students are successful in gaining entrance to world class universities.  A number of recent students have been recognised as best in Thailand and best in the World for AS and A levels and the academic achievements are rewarded with scholarships in a number of cases.  The sixth form at Traill works hard to support and prepare the students for the next step and seeks to produce well rounded, supportive caring students who will be future leaders both here in Thailand and globally.


University Placements

Year after year we bid farewell to another group of graduating students, who are off to follow their chosen career paths.  Here is just a small selection of the international and Thai universities which students have been admitted to:


  • Imperial College London

  • King's College London

  • University College London

  • University of the Arts London

  • University of Manchester

  • Royal Agricultural University

  • University of Glasgow

  • University of Edinburgh

  • University of Southampton

  • Lancaster University

  • University of Nottingham

  • Bangor University

  • Durham University

  • Warwick University

  • Swansea University

  • Teeside University

  • Nottingham Trent University

  • Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Glasgow Caledonian University

  • University of Birmingham

  • University of Buckingham

  • University of Hertfordshire



  • South Plains Texas, USA

  • Western Kentucky, USA

  • Notre Dame University, USA

  • Oberlin Conservatory, USA

  • Rutgers University, USA

  • University of British Columbia, Canada

  • Bowling Green State University, USA

  • North Eastern University,  USA

  • Texas A & M University, USA 

  • Indiana Wesleyan University, USA

  • Pittsburgh University, USA

  • University of Calgary, Canada



  • University of Groningen, Netherlands

  • University of Eindhoven, Netherlands

  • Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Les Roches, Spain

  • HAN University, Netherlands



  • Massey University, New Zealand

  • University of Melbourne, Australia

  • Southern Cross University, Australia

  • Monash University, Australia



  • Thammasat University, Thailand

  • Mahidol University, Thailand

  • Assumption University, Thailand

  • Kasetsart University, Thailand

  • Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

  • Rangsit University, Thailand

  • Srinakharinwiroj University, Thailand

  • King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thailand

  • Sophia University, Japan

  • Bunka Gakuen College, Japan

  • Hyogo University, Japan

  • Dokkyo University, Japan

  • Shizuoka University, Japan

  • Tsukuba University, Japan

  • Nagoya University , Japan

  • Kansei Gakuin University, Japan

  • University of Science and Technology,  Hong Kong

  • Enderun Colleges, Philippines

  • PATTS, Philippines

  • De La Salle, Philippines

  • Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

  • University of Santo Thomas, Philippines

  • Lyceum of the Philippines University, Philippines

  • University of The Philippines, Philippines

  • Taiwan University, Taiwan

  • Taipei National, Taiwan

  • Seoul University, South Korea


  • Murdock University, Dubai

  • Afe Babalola, Nigeria

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