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Assessment and Reporting 

Students are subject to formative as well as summative assessment. Thus teaching programmes may be adapted to compensate for particular weaknesses discovered, both on an individual and a whole-class basis. Assessments may include speaking, writing, reading and listening. Free writing is encouraged wherever possible. 

Settling-In Reports 
These are provided to parents online via the Parent Portal. The report includes a brief synopsis of their child’s progress in the form of achievement and effort grades for each subject. They are issued in October, the week before half-term break

Exam Reports 
Issued to exam classes after mock exams in Years 11 - 13. They provide feedback to students on their exam performance only also advising on strategies for improvement of exam techniques and preparations. 

Full Reports 

Full reports are sent to parents three times a year, at the end of each term.  Each report contains a comprehensive breakdown regarding achievement, effort and teacher comments.  The report also shows attendance, lates and WINAI.


WINAI is a standard which takes into account appearance, attendance, punctuality, promptness of homework and politeness.  This is calculated into a percentage which is contained in the full reports.

Leaving Traill International School
Students leaving either at the end or part-way through the year receive a leavers folder containing their latest report, a reference, an academic transcript and examples of work if required. If necessary, overseas school entrance examinations may be posted directly to the International School. We will then organise a time for them to be completed and ensure that they are appropriately administered. You will need to inform us in advance should you wish us to do this for you.  


*School reports and documentation are issued provided all school fees are up to date.

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