Parent Consultations

Parents’ Evening provides a very good opportunity to find out how your child is progressing and to meet your child’s teachers. Make a note of the date of the parents’ evening as soon as you get it, and give it priority when you are planning ahead. To make the most of the evening, you can prepare a little beforehand without spending lots of time. Here are some ideas. 


If you receive a report before the parents’ evening, spend some time with your child going through it, talking about what’s good (strengths) and areas for improvement (weaknesses). Look at all areas – not just academic achievement but also behavior, attendance, extra-curricular participation etc. Encourage your child to suggest ways in which he or she can keep up the good standard or improve if needed. You can then take these ideas to the parents’ evening.


If you don’t receive a full report shortly before the parents’ evening, you should still spend some time with your child, talking about strengths and weaknesses, looking at grades on the interim report, marks and comments on homework and coursework.


Make note of any questions you want to ask the teachers. Include any concerns you have about emotional and social progress, such as how well your child fits in, or anything to do with friendships and social interaction. Please try to keep to appointment times with teachers and remember that there are Other parents waiting to see them.

We attribute great importance to the partnership between parents and school, and parents are welcome to request an appointment with a teacher if there are any concerns about a student’s progress or any other issues.

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Traill & Cambridge
Traill & Cambridge

Traill International School was the first school in Thailand to become an accredited centre for Cambridge International Exams. Since then we have worked hard to maintain and improve our educational standards to ensure that we receive excellent results from our students. Success in Cambridge qualifications often gives students admission to the world’s best universities – in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and beyond.

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High Achievers IGCSE
High Achievers IGCSE

Top Honours in Cambridge IGCSE Examinations 2020. We’re very proud of all our IGCSE students and teachers at Traill and we’re looking forward to another successful year.

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High Achievers AS Level
High Achievers AS Level

Top Honours in Cambridge AS Level Examinations 2020. We’re very proud of all our AS Level students and teachers at Traill and we’re looking forward to another successful year.

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