We have everything your child needs for a successful start to their learning journey

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Kindergarten/Early Years

Class Sizes

Our class sizes are kept small to allow teachers the opportunites to provide the vital individual support and attention that our students need at this young age.  


This leads to enhanced development in language skills and other areas of learning.

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What Our Students Learn

We use the latest British teaching frameworks to provide learning and development in the following 7 areas:

> Literacy

> Mathematics

> Physical Development

> Personal, social and emotional development

> Understanding the World

> Expressive, Arts and Design

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All of our Kindergarten Teachers are British native speakers, which ensures that students are fully immersed in the English language throughout their school day. Students are also supported by our multilingual teaching assistants. 

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We understand that the safety and welfare of your child is important and we treat our students no differently than we do our own children.  Our KG area is secured throughout the school day and no-one can enter the area without authority. Parents are issued with”parent ID cards”, which must be shown to the security guard and staff member, before a child is released to them.

Our nurses station is situated right next to the KG area for those minor bumps and scrapes which all children have.


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Parental Involvement

We strongly encourage parental involvement in the school and our teachers are more than happy to speak to parents to discuss their child’s  progress.  In addition to this, parents also have daily access to the school’s secure online journal system. Our teachers upload videos to show activities in the class on a daily basis.  This allows you to see in real-time the progress your child is making, so that you don’t miss any of your child’s educational milestones.​

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As part of our school’s mission we promote a healthy eating diet for students.  Snacks and lunches are provided by Epicure, the foremost provider of food to International Schools in Thailand.

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Meet our Kindergarten Team


KG 1

Miss Victoria

Miss Vicky works extremely hard with her KG1 students to expand their knowledge within a fun environment. They almost forget they are learning some very important lessons.


KG 2

Mr David

Mr David’s role is to prepare our young students to go up to Year 1.  He has a wonderful manner with the children, transforming them into eager learners and ready to take the first step into Primary school.


Pre KG

Miss Jessica

Miss Jess is everything you would want in a Pre-KG teacher.  Calm, caring and an excellent communicator.  She is a safe and experienced pair of hands to trust your child to.


At Traill Kindergarten we inspire...

  • Courage

    For our young students, we encourage them to be brave but careful.

  • Confidence

    Building confidence in our students is key to turning them into happy and eager learners. 

  • Community

    Recognising that building respectful and sustainable relationships matters.

  • Caring

    Developing empathy for your fellow human, the plants, the animals and all things nice.