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International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International award is an internationally recognised achievement which focuses on adventure and personal development. Whilst taking part in the award, participants follow their own personal programme of activities to support them in their development, which challenges them beyond the scope of the National Curriculum and classroom learning. Successful participants can be truly proud of their achievements and the award is highly desirable with future universities and employers.

Students who achieve the award, at any level, have demonstrated a commitment to personal growth, community action, perseverance, initiative, adventurous spirit, effective time management, effective teamwork, leadership skills, and the list goes on….! 

What does it involve?
The award is broken down into three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each has a progressively longer time commitment requirement. By taking part in the award, students will develop skills, get fitter, contribute to their community and undertake an adventurous journey!

Below are the time requirements for each area and level.  

The International Award at Traill
The award is offered to all students aged 14 and above. At Traill we introduce participation in the International Award to all of our year 10 students as part of their PSHE program and encourage older students to participate in the Award as an ECA. We believe that the skills and experiences gained from participation in the International Award supports the rounded educational development of our students as well as providing them with a distinguished award for their future success.


We are currently running both Bronze and Silver levels of the International Award. The year 10 residential trip in March will allow our year 10 students to successfully achieve the adventurous journey section of their award. As participation and involvement in the Award increases we hope to extend our provision to also facilitate the Gold level of the International Award.


Further information about the award can be found on the following link:

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